About the entity

"Perm plant of industrial equipment” one of the fastest-developing Russian crane plant using advanced design solutions and high technology. We are a modern dynamic enterprise for the production of overhead cranes and other lifting - transport equipment since 2009.

The factory has two production sites with area of over 6,000 sq.m.

Main Products:

Electric double girder overhead cranes with up to 150 tons lifting capacity.

The maximum span of continuous beam: 34.5 m. We can supply cranes with large spans in the version with flange connection.

Double-girder crane compared with one beam has a longer life of service and also allows you to achieve greater speed and greater capacity.

Perm plant of industrial equipment "PZPO" produces overhead cranes with various designs. One of the areas - cranes at a high speed and heavy duty work with the open-winch kinematics mechanisms. Park machining equipment allows us to produce most of the parts on their own, controlling the quality and time.

Also, having access to the database design solutions of SWF Krantechnik, our partner in Germany, our factory can offer solutions related to height restrictions, hook approaches, wheel load, and so on.

Electric overhead traveling cranes up to 16 tons lifting capacity.

Single-girder cranes are less expensive in comparison with double-girder cranes, and can be used where there is no need for greater speed of movement or heavy duty.

The maximum span of single girder crane is 28.5 meters

Electric overhead traveling cranes up to 10 tons lifting capacity.

Maximum span of double girder crane is: 18.0 m

Electric double girder overhead cranes with up to 50 tons lifting capacity.

Maximum span of double girder crane is: 34.5 m

  •  Explosion-proof cranes

They are used in refineries, pumping stations, chemical plants and so on.

  • Foundry cranes
  • Magnetic cranes
  • Grab cranes
  • Trestle cranes Two-girder span lengths up to 35 meters, carrying up to 50 tons
  • Single girder gantry crane capacity up to 16 tons.

Also, our crane factory designs and manufactures a variety of components for cranes and lifting devices

  • Traverse lifting
  • Traverse lifting
  • Crane cabins
  • Trolley for overhead cranes.

Cargo carts (interplant transfer carts) capacity up to 50 tons.

We invite you to learn more about the company "PZPO" and its products in the pages of this site. And we hope that in case of choosing a supplier you first contact us, as a reliable, stable and responsible partner.