PZPO LLC works with leading international suppliers crane equipment .

Reliability , high performance and durability of the product depends on the original material . Our factory pays special attention to the choice of components of the crane . That is why we cooperate with suppliers who manufacture the products at international quality standards. Mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners PZPO establish such a system , which is 100% satisfy our customers' requirements .

Key components partners:

One of the world as a leader in crane - whales production.

  1. Experience on the lifting equipment market : 85 years
  2. The use of not only the highest but also the most popular among customers standards .
  3. Implementation of innovation , focused on improving the technical characteristics of the equipment and to minimize the cost of production
  4. There are all the necessary quality management system certificates .


The company «Sew - Eurodrive» - Is the production of gearboxes and gearmotors . Gearboxes are presented the following types: bevel gear and planetary , spur gear and worm gear and spiroidnyh . The development , which has already been recognized , it is considered a single-stage reducer with gearing spiroidnyh small size . With a wide range of geared motors , may provide the best solution


Geared Motors Company “Bauer” - One of the most reliable and robust, able to withstand adversity and at the same time allow their application to obtain actuators with high energy efficiency.

  1. A huge number of variants , including : a non-ventilated motor with high precision processing of gears , wheels insulated windings and f H, with an increased torque , etc .
  2. The product complies with best quality standards , such as ISO / TS16949

Balkan Echo

The company "Balkan exo" is unique with its three distinct separate factories have a total production area of over 20 000 m2, equipped with more than 600 metal-working machines and with a staff of over 550 highly qualified specialists . All this allows the firm to be independent of external subcontractors and cooperative deliveries .


It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electric motors and electric hoists since 1967. The main advantages of the plant's products: high manufacturability of all products, allowing them to be built in different designs, reliability and long service life, guarantee of high quality, ease of operation and maintenance. The company's products are marked with the CE mark and comply with all safety requirements.

GH Cranes Corporation Èñïàíèÿ

One of the leading crane company Evropy.Proizvodit whole spectrum of lifting equipment.

  1. Work Experience over 50 years
  2. More than 80,000 units sold
  3. Production of the whole spectrum of lifting equipment only the latest generation
  4. Market leader in the production of special equipment

Schneider electric

Neither Schneider Electric is a world expert in the field of energy management and a leading provider of integrated energy efficient solutions for the energy and infrastructure , industrial , civil and residential construction , as well as data centers . In addition to the development and implementation of energy efficient solutions the company offers Russian customers service, efficient logistics , energy audit , transfer of innovative technologies and training .


"Danfoss" is one of the largest industrial corporations in Denmark. "Danfoss" Group is a global leader in the development, production , sales and service of mechanical and electronic components for the industry.