One of the most important , and perhaps the most significant issue is the technical equipment of the enterprise. 

The staff of our technical equipment, has more than 50 units of metalworking, turning, milling and welding equipment.

Optimally matched and well- located equipment can increase productivity and the quality of manufactured in our factory crane bridge cranes.

The best welding technology, equipment and consumables enabled our crane plant to achieve high-quality welds. We are proud of the quality of our welding.

We have our own certified laboratory of nondestructive testing — allows to control the quality of welds by ultrasonic testing. All records of quality control are stored in a special register.

Own park metalworking equipment allows to produce components in-house, quickly responding to customers' orders. Our crane factory park with CNC machines with driven tools allows you to get the details of different operations ( turning, milling , drilling) on the same machine, which greatly improves the accuracy of manufacturing, and therefore the durability of crane mechanisms.

Technical equipment Electrical section assembles modern crane control systems such as the relay- contactor, thyristor, throttling, variable-frequency, contactor. When assembling the control cabinet mainly used high-quality components of the European and Russian production.

That is especially true today, we can make a crane, using only domestic components and parts of own production.