The main specialization of industrial equipment Perm plant is the production of cranes with various carrying capacity , as well as their components . Our products are widely used in large enterprises of our country .

The Electric overhead cranes of "PZPO" have a robust structure, proven in a variety of environments and confidently sustain large tonnage:

  • Under hang Single-girder overhead - up to 10 tons
  • Single-girder overhead - up to 16 tons
  • girder - up to 80 tons

The main beams are equipped with running wheels and connect the two terminal half-bridge. beams is controlled from an overhead cabin, where the main and auxiliary electrical actuators in communication with the driver stropolschikom and monitored the working process.

Installation / dismantling work is carried out by attested staff experts of the enterprise in compliance with all the rules of technical safety.

Where to use this equipment?

The Electric overhead cranes are used for storage of closed type, specially equipped garages and small workshops with a load capacity of 100 kg. These models can be electrified the whole system and its parts: the trucks carrying the bridge or hoist.

If you view the catalog of bridge cranes, it is possible to choose the optimal model of any type of (reference, suspended) and various cargo platforms with a span of 15 m to 34 m, depending on the number of spans.

The rail track can be laid on the ground, mounted at a height or attached to the wall - any modification would be easy to operate with a remote mounted in the cabin with a tripartite review.

Traverses from leading manufacturers

If necessary, it is possible to manufacture traverse any facial features to secure and lift the intermediate cargo weighing from 500 kg to 100 tons. In the free market and an unlimited number of electric hoists have different characteristics from domestic and foreign producers (Germany, Bulgaria):

  • Manual
  • Chain
  • Cable
  • Lever
  • Stationary
  • Magnetic
  • Mobile
  • Worm
  • Electric

Operation of equipment in any condition

Sell bridge cranes are conducted on the territory of the main base of the Perm plant of industrial equipment. Load in any weight range will be smoothly moved or discharged under the limit temperature of -20 C to +40 C. Whether it's building work, metallurgy, energy and shipbuilding, electrical and gripping mechanisms is in demand everywhere. Modern production conditions allow the plant to produce high-quality equipment at the best rates in the country.