Gantry cranes are one of the types of materials handling equipment produced by "Perm plant of industrial equipment." They are a type of bridge cranes with spans. Such a service technician is used most often to transport goods and large containers in open warehouses and sites for hydropower plants and other industrial facilities in the shipbuilding and in the construction of different kinds of buildings.

At the core of gantry cranes is a main girder with consoles mounted on two special side supports that move on rails (the crane paths). An additional element is the lifting device with the hook, and (rarely) with special grips.

Types of gantry cranes

Gantry cranes are classified according to various criteria. Thus, according to the principle of the device may be manual or electric. The manual valve is usually operated in a room and moves on wheels. Its maximum capacity is only 5 m. It can be equipped with an electric hoist. Electric gantry crane is operated on the street, only to move on rails and can move loads up to 1000 tons.

Depending on the purpose, gantry crane can be:

  • overload (with capacities from 3.2 to 50 tons, a span of 40 m and a lifting height from 7 to 16 m.);

  • installation (with capacities ranging from 300 to 400 tons, a span of 80 meters and a lifting height of up to 30 m);

  • special purpose;

  • general purpose (equipped with flexible suspensor lifting system).

By design, there is single-beam gantry crane and double-girder. Single-beam structure is typical for the equipment with low and medium-duty. Two-girder bridge structure is used more often because it provides the highest possible capacity.

The performance characteristics of gantry cranes are the three types of design:

  • tubular (pipe of large diameter, with varying wall thickness);

  • box (of sheet metal steel box beams, the thickness of which affects capacity, gantry crane operation, performance);

  • ethmoid (from rolled, has a high stiffness).

Gantry cranes can be operated using a wired or wireless remote control from a distance or from the cabin. The first method is possible for transporting small loads. To control the crane with a high lifting capacity, high speeds and high altitude requires a skilled driver of a gantry crane.

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