Double girder crane

Double girder crane
Double girder crane
Double girder crane
  • Operate at temperatures from -40C to +40C;

  • With a frequency converter on the mechanisms of movement and lifting;

  • Mechanism for anty-rocking of the load (crane card);

  • With load limiter;

  • Brake on the mechanism of movement;

  • With radio control;

  • Controlled from the cabin (cabin made open or closed to the possibility of installing the heater and air conditioner);

  • With collision protection device taps;

  • Reduced voltage control circuit;

  • With a protective screen for transporting the molten metal;

  • With two-speed motor for lifting and moving;

  • Explosion-proof and fire-proof performance;

  • Control gear with the French company "Schneider Electric".

"Perm plant of industrial equipment" produces and sells various kinds of lifting equipment, with high quality materials and components. Among this equipment an electric double-girder overhead crane, which is designed for lifting and transporting goods in the premises and construction sites.

The basis of the design of this type of cranes is attached to the end of the beam moving on the crane tracks. The equipment is mounted on a concrete or metal supports. The presence of two beams in the box-type operating member, lifting capacity increases several times. Thus, it becomes possible to operate on specialized sites for industrial use, production and storage facilities, construction sites, where the bulk of the work is somehow connected with dangerous, especially heavy and oversized cargo. Double-girder overhead traveling crane is designed for multi-temperature and can be used in rooms with temperatures ranging from -40 to +300C. This makes it possible to operate such equipment in foundries and smelters.

Product Advantages

Electric double-girder overhead traveling cranes are different from other types of arrangement of the hoist that moves on a bridge on top of the joists. Thanks to this completely eliminates the possibility of the fall of the bridge or hoist and is provided to increase the height of lifting at least 100 cm (which is convenient for small ceiling height).

Two-girder bridge crane Electric also has other benefits, including:

  • Optimal geometry of the structure;

  • Minimal wear and, accordingly, the minimum elements of the cost of repair services;

  • The possibility of a uniform movement of bulk and heavy loads (due to the correct distribution of the load);

  • Relatively light weight construction of the bridge;

  • The possibility of operating several cranes within the same runway.

Two-girder bridge cranes are controlled by wired or wireless remote controls, as well as a stationary or moving cabin.

Order an electric double-girder crane, whose price is optimal and can be acceptable to the company "Perm Plant of industrial equipment." In-house manufacturing capabilities, as well as the presence of the park mechanized equipment allow us to manufacture cranes of all types (from standard to customized solutions) and accessories.