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End trucks
End trucks
End trucks

Production of high-quality modern and functional art - this is the main activity of the company "PZPO." Here you can buy or order the equipment for various purposes, as well as any spare parts and accessories. If you need a bridge crane terminal bar - we provide it in the shortest time. Moreover, their presence in the warehouse allows us to manufacture cranes quickly, without sacrificing quality.

The purpose of this, it is an important element of the bridge crane - lifting / lowering and transport of cargo along the rails within the track, as well as the fixing of the crane in the manufacturing space. The end of the beam is a support beam-flight and hardness depends on its strength of the whole structure, and accordingly, the life duration of the equipment.

Product features.

End beam bridge crane is characterized by the following features:

  • type bracket (support / end beam suspension);
  • capacity (0.5 to 20 tons);
  • span size (from 3 to 34 m).

Suspended units with a floating beam are heavy-duty and hard metal products. They should be used in rooms with high ceilings, as well as in relatively narrow spaces, as they do not support. The end of the beam suspension cranes are characterized by an extremely high load capacity and are widely used on construction sites.

The end of the support beam of the crane, as the name implies, are equipped with a support for the bridge. They are mainly responsible for the movement of cargo by rail. The end of the beam supporting less strong compared with outboard. Thus both types of end beams are characterized by high load capacity indices and, therefore, can be mounted on cranes to transport bulky cargo. For convenience, some of these devices are equipped with a brake.

Fixing end beams directly to the tap is performed using ultra strong, nuts and bolts. In the case where the length of the span of 4 meters above structure further strengthens the special braces. In addition, end trucks can be equipped with additional elements that extend the functionality of the application equipment, such as weight constraints, devices for measuring weight and speed.