Cabin for bridge and gantry cranes, production of crane cabins

Crane cabin
Crane cabin
Crane cabin

"PZPO" manufactures components for any technique and overall equipment standard and individual parameters. We offer high quality crane cab of modern sophisticated design.

As is known, the cabin crane plays an important role in the productive utility equipment. On how skillfully chosen its design and location depends on the quality of visual communications workers and the crane operator. The main criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of the cabin is visibility. The driver should be free to watch the Sling, as well as the seizure of the goods and their movement. That is why the cockpit overhead cranes, which we produce, are particularly functional. In addition to the benefits of visual plan, they are equipped with:

  • a comfortable armchair with adjustable height and tilt;

  • a heating system;

  • air conditioning;

  • air conditioning with air filtration function.

On individual request, we also need you to install additional systems. Thus, the driver's cab of the crane manufacturing company "PZPO" corresponds to the maximum production standards, as well as occupational safety requirements.

By outward appearances cabin can be:

  • open type (for indoor use only)

  • closed type (intended for use outdoors or in areas with adverse climate).

Management is carried out through:

  • the keypad;

  • chairs console;

  • controllers.

Requirements for cabins

To avoid injuries and emergency situations in the manufacturing process, it is important to bridge crane cab be at least a few basic rules.

1. Temperature resistance, hardness of materials or ductile sealing elements. Thus, workstation operator safely protected from external factors, such as high temperatures, as well as any work-related injuries.

2. Open the cab should only inward (to avoid dangerous situations).

3. Round visibility possible to easily self-cleaning glass.

4. The control cabin of the crane shall contain in addition to the driver of another worker.

Other requirements to the equipment and the control cabin in particular are determined depending on the type of production and the sphere of activity of the enterprise.