Non-standard equipment

Non-standard equipment
Non-standard equipment
Non-standard equipment

The main objective of the company PZPO" is equipping the production workshops, warehouses, construction sites and other industrial facilities with modern and efficient high-quality equipment. In addition to production equipment as standard, we offer a lifting device for individual parameters. Also we are engaged in manufacturing non-standard equipment for various purposes.

In The shortest time "PZPO" will produce:

  • Container transportation Crane (any size and configuration)

  • Crane and crane rails (mounted and ground for different crane systems)

  • Crane overpasses (application size for any needs)

  • Cranes wheels dvuhrebordnye (from stamped steel billets, with different diameter wheels and the tread surface, varying the width of the rim and the hub, as well as different masses)

  • Suspension hook

  • Gear couplings

  • Crane motor (required power).

Our huge manufacturing capabilities, as well as a wide range of home-made components, allow producing the above and much more specialized equipment for your needs.

We provide manufacturing, delivery and installation of the equipment produced. To place an order, you can leave the online application form, contact us by phone, email or visit us in person at the address.