Crane trolley

Crane trolley
Crane trolley
Crane trolley

Production of high-quality practical modern technology is the main direction of "Perm plant of industrial equipment." You can purchase equipment for various purposes, including buying a crane truck - one of the important constituent elements of the bridge crane. Its function is to rise, the descent and the movement of goods on the device within the specified limits.

It is imperative that such a functional element as crane wagon was designed properly and in accordance with the requirements of a production. We offer high quality tools for general industrial manufacturing subsidiary, clamshell, magnetic and foundry type, various carrying capacity (from 5 and up to 20-ton).

The role of the crane trolley in the overall mechanism

In any large manufacturing and industrial plants is widely used technique to move the overall volume and heavy loads. Such machines include cranes of various types. Although they are used in various fields of industry, and their arrangement as a whole seems to be. The main part of the device is a bridge consisting of one or two beams. By way of attachment to the end girders of cranes can be of two types:

  • support (with a bridge, relying on both sides on the special end carriages);

  • suspension (which is suspended from a crane end trucks).

In addition to the support function of the beam guides are, on which the movement of the crane. In turn, the movement of the bridge crane truck carries cargo, which raises and lowers the load securing.

Device trolley

Mobile crane trolley bridge crane is an active member of the lifting device. It consists of:

  • beam frame;

  • the traveling block;

  • lifting member.

In addition, the crane truck equipped with the necessary auxiliary equipment, creating a height limit; in modern cranes is often present in a restrictive capacity.

Moving cargo truck crane by an electric or manual traction. Another characteristic of such devices is the possibility of joining. Some models are equipped with special coupling elements, so that they can be moved to the other lifting equipment, as well as increase the length of the rail.