Single girder overhead crane

Single girder overhead crane
Single girder overhead crane
Single girder overhead crane
  • For using at temperatures of -40C to +40C;

  • low construction height;

  • Two-speed recovery, transport (variable frequency control drive mechanism for lifting movement of the crane and hoists)

  • With a soft start and braking mechanism of movement of the crane and hoist;

  • With load limiter;

  • Brake on the mechanism of movement of the crane and hoist;

  • Control gear with the French company "Schneider-Electric";

  • With radio;

  • Voltage control circuit 24;

  • With a protective screen for the molten metal;

  • Explosion-proof (1Exd [ib] IIBT4).

Perm Plant of industrial equipment is engaged in production of weight lifting equipment of different functions. Here you can purchase ready-to-deliver standard equipment or arrange the individual order. Among the offered production is the single girder crane which finds broad application in large-size workshops, or industrial facilities, in manufacture workshops, on the covered platforms. Such cranes are effective in case of repair, installation/dismantling and hoisting-and-transport work, especially in case of multi-level warehousing in the conditions of shop where accurate and exact positioning of materials and freights is required.

The device consists of a hoist, main girder and end trucks. End trucks moves within the under-rail path along guides fixed to the concrete or metal columns. Overhead traveling cranes, are used in areas with larger spans, the resistance increases due to additional vertical and horizontal trusses. Depending on the tasks of production, the crane is equipped with a girder supporting a variety of lifting devices typically hoist, rarely traverses or electromagnet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Comparing supporting cranes with suspended cranes we can find the following advantages:

  • Big lifting height;

  • Large span length;

  • High load capacity;

  • The ability to install in virtually any room (as are mounted on the columns);

  • Long service life and reducing the cost of ongoing maintenance (less consumable items, such as shafts, wheels and rollers).

In this single-girder bridge crane support is not without some drawbacks. For example, these include the more costly arrangement of crane tracks and reducing the working area in the installation of support structures. However, the production process significant effect they have.

Allow us to make and realize the high-quality equipment of standard type or with individual parameters at acceptable cost.