Single girder underhead crane

Single girder underhead crane
Single girder underhead crane
Single girder underhead crane
  • For using at temperatures of -40°C to +40°C;

  • Low construction height

  • Two-speed recovery, transport (variable frequency control drive mechanism for lifting movement of the crane and hoists);

  • With a soft start and braking mechanism of movement of the crane and hoist;

  • With load limiter;

  • Brake on the mechanism of movement of the crane and hoist;

  • Control gear with the French company "Schneider-Electric";

  • With radio;

  • Voltage control circuit 24;

  • With a protective screen for the molten metal;

  • Explosion-proof (1Exd [ib] IIBT4).

Perm Plant of industrial equipment offers a wide choice of cranes, including under hang single girder overhead, various load-carrying capacities. They are highly accurate and mobile equipment for assembly / dismantling, loading / unloading all sorts of materials (around 20 tons) and overall equipment repair. They are used in many industrial and commercial areas, machine-building enterprises of any profile, in the construction of various sizes and purposes. They are Suitable for use on the street under a canopy (regardless of weather conditions) or indoors.

They are managed by the crane girder overhead traveling cranes, hanging machinist from the cabin, and with the help of remote control - wired or radio-controlled. 

Under hang single girder overhead crane has two types:

  • Single-span (with two legs, used to move the goods to the premises of up to 18 meters);

  • Two-span (three pillars are used in rooms with a span of up to 30 meters).

This Kind of crane is defined as the length of the span and load capacity. Standard Capacity Bridge cranes single girder suspension is considered to be from 1 to 10 tons; Standard span - from 5 to 25 m.

Structural elements

The basis of the single-girder crane is the main girder, which is one-piece steel, girders standing on poles and attached to the end trucks. The Types of end trucks, main girder as well as strengthening the upper and lower zones vary depending on the capacity and the span of the crane.

Another integral part of the equipment is the rigid beam. The single-span cranes it is formed by two longitudinal beams and brackets fixed to support structure and side rollers. This element single and driving cart fastens. For transportation of big freights (more than 5 t) pair of carts is used.

A slight movement in both directions along the supporting beam is carried out by the mobile beam, console equipped with rollers. Thus, reductions in the total load on the structure and hence protect it from deformation.

The hoist is selected according to lift height and weight. Finally, any crane beam suspension is equipped with electrical controls for crane and hoist.


The main advantage of these valves is that the design can be easily modeled by dimensions (premises) with additional cantilevered portions. Thus it is possible to supply the equipment stiffening elements.

Operation is subject to various temperatures from -20 to +40 ° C.

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